Culture Abuse Reveal “Perfect Light” Video, Prepare To Release Spray Paint The Dog 7″


You know how Every Time I Die make those fun-looking party videos that you know are fake but still look really cool? Well, in Culture Abuse’s video for “Perfect Light” you get to see what happens next as the party still rages the day after. And that’s where the comparisons end for the two bands.

Sound-wise, Culture Abuse is more akin to the post-rock ruminations of Killing Joke (Think the rawness of their earlier albums mixed with the savagery of their later work) and more closely related to Eagulls for all you nostalgia/history-impaired folks out there.

On their new 7″, Spray Paint The Dog, Culture Abuse offer up some new tunes that are guaranteed to rattle around in your brain for days. “Nicotine” has layers upon layers to it with some fuzzed out, trippy sounds reminiscent of Butthole Surfers and even The Melvins at times with a visceral low end and squealing walls of feedback which build into a lumbering beast of a conclusion. “Perfect Light”, in contrast, is just a rollicking good time fueled by adrenaline….and probably some other substances. It’s a little more straightforward or as straightforward as Culture Abuse’s deranged sound can get.

Spray The Paint Dog is out on February 17th. Yours can be gotten here.

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