Death Kiss Showcase Volume 3: Gasoline Virgins

Yet another of our Deathkiss showcase posts where we get to highlight some newer recordings! This time we’re focusing on the show closers Gasoline Virgins who have a rawkin’ new EP set to drop imminently.

We Will Know is the name and from the onset of “Theme-It’s The Shits Kids” there’s this Pelican meets Karma To Burn presence meaning monolithic walls of sound mixed with straight up riff rawkin’. That’s a good start in our book! The track is actually the shits, kids, with this nicely fuzzed out beginning then hitting a rollicking stride and dipping into this almost Middle Eastern-tinged breakdown before returning to worship the almighty riff. Guitarist Jay Scheffler absolutely owns here and throughout the mini-album.

“Kickin’ Wing” is a sturdy banger, propelled along by Bob Nisi’s steady bashing, meshing nicely with Josh Howard’s bass hum before devolving into a wall of feedback until coming up for air once again into this groove that accelerates at the climax. “Whale Tale” oozes with nautical mischief, driven by Howard’s bass plucking at the helm as the track serves as a distant cousin to the aforementioned Pelican and the leviathan that is “March to the Sea” before morphing into this honed behemoth of its’ own with “Brownies” wrapping everything all up in a sumptuous helping of rawk goodness.

We Will Know is out NOW. You can get yours by clicking the Bandcamp stream below. For the most up to the date information, including album release dates and live shows, head on over here.

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