Delerium Return With Ethereal And Uplifting Mythologie


It’s been many years since Delerium has graced our earholes and if ever there was a time of stagnant droll which necessitated the duo of Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber to return it would certainly be now. That’s right, Fulber and Leeb are at the helm with a veritable cornucopia of artists ready to diversify and spread the Delerium message.

“Blue Fires” is everything you’d expect from a Delerium album opener: lush sonic soundscapes, ethereal vocals, blissful beats. It almost seems as if no time has passed at all since the release of 2012’s Music Box Opera. “Zero” flows from the ashes of “Blue Fires” and continues to expand Delerium’s reign of sonic bliss on album number fifteen as Phildel takes the vocal reigns.

“Ritual” is hypnotic nirvana guided along yet again by frequent Delerium collaborator Phildel. “Angels” sounds as if it’s sung by one with Mimi Page’s uplifting and airy delivery breaking through the stratosphere and into the heavens as Leeb and Fulber encase her in an electronic cocoon to provide safe passage skyward.

“Seven Gates Of Thebes” focuses on the former Front Line Assembly partners mechanical prowess as this (mostly) instrumental track showcases their technical skill and soundscape-building abilities. Elsewhere, “Ghost Requiem” has a little Massive Attack feel with Geri Soriano-Lightwood channeling Horace Andy slightly.

“Made To Move”, on the other hand,  plays in the ether as Mimi Page once again graces listeners ears with an entrancing performance until Leah Randi shines through on “Continuum”.

The perfect album filled with songs listeners can groove out to at the club or just sit back and chill with at home, Mythologie embodies everything that is right in the world of electronic music and provides a fine addition within the Delerium catalog.

You can get a taste of Mythologie via single “Ritual” below (or here) then head on over here or here to pre-order the actual full-length, out on September 23rd through Metropolis Records.


  1. Nunja Business says

    Thanks Jesse for a terrific review.

    This album has been dreamt of and anticipated by a pretty good number of people for several years now. We are anxiously awaiting the release, but it was great to get a “feel” for it from your review.

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