Demon Hunter and ex-Project 86 members Invade Electronica With NYVES

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I love both Demon Hunter and Project 86 so a pairing between the singer of one of those bands and the ex- of another should be a no-brainer instant love fest, right? Not so fast there because what you might expect this to sound like is so far away from what it actually is. Instead of this post-metal thrashfest fueled by Ryan Clark’s undeniable vocal chops and Randy Torres’ guitars, listeners are treated to something else entirely: Electronic bliss

On NYVES debut, Anxiety, the duo destroy all expectations and craft this dense body of sound that sounds like neither of its bandmates other outfits. Clark goes for this emotive, low texture for this release that fits perfectly with the sonic landscape Torres has created. The overall sound of Anxiety? Think Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails circa 1999, and even Burton C. Bell’s Ascension of the Watchers project mixed with the great synth-pop of the ’80’s (They even cover Psychedelic Furs “Love My Way”).

“Return” and “Something Divine” channel Daft Punk’s Tron: Legacy score until “Smoking Gun” picks up the pace and heads to the clubs with this snazzy little number. “The Exit” is this beautiful slab of almost industrial noise with the dancier elements of Skinny Puppy or Front Line Assembly meshing with The Fragile. “Fall Behind” begins like an updated version of “How Soon Is Now?” but ventures into even grand greener pastures while “Idle Thoughts” is another thumper which will get your blood racing before “Light” glistens into the ether to end this astounding debut.

If you’re a fan of newer electronic artists like Mr. Kitty, TR/ST, or IAMX then NYVES is definitely a band you need to check out. For you P86/DH die hards out there, NYVES might live in a different world but fans of Clark will wanna hear this one regardless.

Anxiety is out now through Spartan Records. You can order yours here.

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