Devin Townsend Truly Transcends On Latest DTP Release Transcendence


In which Devin Townsend fully embraced the prog within.

Unlike Strapping Young Lad’s The New Black when a collaborative effort meant an album that didn’t quite sound like the band name emblazoned on the front cover, Transcendence is the ultimate culmination of all things DTP. Take every DTP release that’s come before it, put it in a blender, set it to “liquefy” then chug the shit out of that pure progressive goodness that lies within.

Beginning with the updated Infinity track “Truth”, Transcendence immediately sets itself apart from the last double album release as it hurtles full tilt into the denseness of “Stormbending”. Intricate solos, massive synth soundscapes, almost hymnal choruses (Featuring Anneke van Giersbergen once again) and Townsend beginning with lines like “Time Is A Human Construct” lets listeners know that this will be an album like no other

“Failure” hits and wait! Is that horns I hear? Yep. But those soon give way to some familiar Hevy Devy guitar tones. “Secret Sciences”, on the other hand, just bounces along as Brian Waddell’s bass and Ryan van Poederooyen’s drums sync up building into another epic DTP chorus. Quiet acoustic guitars drive “Higher” to start with Townsend singing an almost lullaby-like melody. That is, until the riffage rains down and listeners are treated to equal parts beauty and brutality as some of the greatest DTP breakdowns ever are laid down (Deconstruction anyone?).

“Stars” enters next and levels the playing field weaving a twisted web of huge choruses and arpeggiated guitar licks. Things only get bigger with the title track which almost swallows up Townsend’s and van Giersbergen’s sweet vocal trades with a glorious wall of sound that threatens to come crashing down at any second. “Offer Your Light” is probably the closest thing listeners get to a straight-up/no frills DTP rocker here and it does not disappoint (Hearkening a bit back to Epicloud‘s “More!”) until the one-two punch of dual eight-minute songs “From The Heart” and “Transdermal Celebration” close the curtain on this grand opus.

Transcendence is out on September 9th through Inside Out Music. Pre-orders are up now through CMDistro here and through digital outlets here. DTP will also be touring with Between The Buried And Me this fall. For tour dates and more, head on over here.


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