Dishwalla Return With New Singer, Refreshed Sound On Juniper Road

Who’da thunk I’d be here in 2017 writing ecstatically about a new Dishwalla album?!?! Honestly, I remember “Counting Blue Cars” from 1995 and absolutely NEEDING to get Pet Your Friends as soon as humanly possible and not much else which is weird because after hearing Juniper Road, their fifth studio album, I’ll be hard pressed with a reason to forget them again.

As will you.

Twelve years after their last full-length, and their first with Justin Fox on vocals in the studio, and Dishwalla is back without missing a beat. “Sirens” sounds off and immediately brings to mind some old school Naveed-era Our Lady Peace with its’ screaming guitars before settling into a welcome groove laid out by bassist Scot Alexander.

“Give Me a Sign” is just the anthemic kick in the ass old school fans need to be reminded of Dishwalla’s songwriting prowess and a veritable contender for alt-rock jam of the summer. This piano-laden rocker (Thanks to Jim Wood) also shows off George Pendergast’s mad skills behind the drum kit as Fox sings his heart out.

“Mazelike Garden” is an intricate ditty propelled by Rodney Browning Craven’s masterful fretwork while the mostly acoustic driven “Miles Away” subtly shows off Fox’s range. “Don’t Fade Away” will just move you and, much like “Give Me a Sign”, solidifies that Dishwalla is still relevant when it comes to writing new rock anthems.

Throughout Juniper Road Dishwalla constantly surprise listeners new and old. Whether it’s hard rockers like “Not Alone” or soul soaked crooners like “Waiting On You, Love”, Dishwalla make it a point to earn fans respect and loyalty with consistently well-crafted songs.

Juniper Road is out via Pavement Entertainment on July 14th. We highly recommend you pre-order a copy here or here. For more on Dishwalla, including upcoming tour dates with Tears For Fears, head on over here.

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