Domkraft Deliver A Deluge Of Dynamic Doom With Flood

Domkraft is the best Doom/Sludge out there today. Yep. It was said. By me. Just now. On Flood, they take all that kind of good stuff you get when you combine equal parts mysticism with good ole psychedelia and fuzz and wrap it in a desert rawk package to get the album you’ll eventually hear on October 19th.

Also, any band choosing to open an album with a solid 9+ minutes deserves your attention. Just sayin’.

But I digress.

“The Watchers” doesn’t fuck around either and after the sonic pummeling that “Landslide” laid out, the rawk really starts replete with an intricate lesson in guitar mastery from Martin Widholm. Then listeners are treated to a one-two punch as Martin Wegeland’s bass provides the sonic hum underneath Widholm’s guitar work and his voice provides another fuzzed out contrast combining the gruffness of King Buzzo with the bark of Unsane’s Chris Spencer before Anders Dahlgren’s thunderous fills drive the song towards a fitting conclusion.

“Flood” brims with buzzing guitar tones and Wegeland’s cries heading into this hypnotic loop of unbridled riffage while “They Appear to Be Alive” provides a brief respite from the aural maelstrom until “Sandwalker” virtually hums as it explodes from your speakers. Penultimate “Octopus” comes at listeners next like the titular underwater beast with flailing tentacles yielding titanic feats of sonic excellence.

Eventually all things must come to an end, right? Sadly, that’s the case with Flood but fear not new Domkraft fan because before they go they’ll treat you to another epic track in the form of the eight minute ditty called “Dead Eyes, Red Skies” which sounds like the best Kyuss jam of the 21st Century. Let’s put it this way: If “Allen’s Wrench” and “Gardenia” ever had a sordid affair and bore a lovechild, the product of that sonic pairing would probably be called “Dead Eyes, Red Skies”.

The Flood will be unleashed on October 19th through Blues Funeral Recordings. You can pre-order yours by clicking here or here. And if THAT wasn’t enough Domkraft for ya then head over here to pre-order the massive The Wall [Redux] record which drops through Magnetic Eye Records on November 9th and features your new favorite Swedish trio tackling “Empty Spaces”. And for even MORE on the band, head here.


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