Drab Majesty Go Darker With The Demonstration

With a distinct sound soaked in Goth and New Wave, Drab Majesty’s latest album also benefits from subtle odes to bands like Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Gene Loves Jezebel, and Psychedelic Furs. While that impressive list of comparable legendary scene bands should be enough to pique interest, it’s the strength of Drab Majesty’s own songs that will make sure you stick around for more.

“Cold Souls”, the first taste of The Demonstration, should have been proof enough of why you need this album in your collection. With its’ glistening guitars which were equally familiar, yet wholly original driven by programmed beats and lush synthetics, the song easily transcends the genre which birthed it much like the entirety of the songs that make up The Demonstration.

Drab Majesty conjures the most beautiful kind of music. It’s the kind of music that just envelopes you as soon as you hit “play”. From the silky synths which lay the groundwork during instrumental “Induction” until rising like the sun over the horizon at dawn as “Dot In The Sky” begins  through to the syncopated hypnosis of “Kissing The Ground”, The Demonstration has something for every Robert Smith-worshipping goth and lovers of good music in general.

“Not Just A Name” is like the most glorious ’80’s ballad for a John Hughes movie that was never made while “Forget Tomorrow” menacingly drones into the equally bleak closer “Behind The Wall” which fully shows off DM’s Deb Demure and the full range of songwriting and vocal prowess that lies within The Demonstration.

The Demonstration will be unveiled on January 20th via Dais Records. Grab your copy here and then head on over here to find out where you can catch Drab Majesty on tour with Cold Cave as well as on their own throughout the beginning of 2017.

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