Drab Majesty Pull Light From The Dark On Tribute 7″ Oak Wood

You ever have a song that completely pushes you over the edge of REALLY wanting to shell out some dough to go to a show? Let me rephrase that: Do you ever find yourself hearing a song that compels you to buy tickets to a show by an artist that you’ll ALREADY be seeing in the same week in a different state/venue? Once you hear the latest by Drab Majesty, I’m sure you’ll agree with my current feels as well.

As if The Demonstration wasn’t enough of a contender for “Best of 2017”, along comes the surprising “Oak Wood” and “Egress” to unintentionally solidify Drab Majesty’s reign as DarkWave deities. “Surprising” and “Unintentional” as the songs were born out of sudden tragedy.

“Oak Wood” is a somber tune. A memorial. But also one of the best Drab Majesty tunes to date. It’s a tribute to Cash Askew, who perished during the Ghostship tragedy in Oakland, going so far as to use a literal translation of her last name as the song title. The track itself is like nothing you’ve heard from Drab Majesty before with Deb Demure’s low tones humming along with the synthetic blanket that envelopes his voice as the beats pulsate and build to a fitting conclusion.

“Egress”, on the other hand, is like a dream state as this airy instrumental drifts in and out of your earholes making it a perfect contrast for what preceded it.

“Oak Wood”, the 7″, is out now via Dais Records here. Your digital copy can be gotten here. Drab Majesty is currently on tour and hitting locally at Cambridge’s Middle East on September 25th followed by an appearance at Cold Waves VI on a bill featuring Stabbing Westward, Cold Cave, Acumen Nation, and more! For a full list of dates, head on over here.

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