Emigrate Add New Friends And New Skills On Silent So Long


Silent So Long, the second album from Emigrate, is akin to Soulfly’s sophomore outing in that it’s chock filled with high-profile guests that could easily overpower the band underneath. Luckily the strength of Richard Z. Kruspe’s songwriting and track sequencing skills insures that on this album, Emigrate always shines through.

“Eat You Alive” eases listeners back into the Emigrate world after a seven year gap in records with some simple riffage and a guest spot from Frank Delle (Who sounds a helluva lot like Mr. Jonathan Davis). From there, things get sexy and raunchy with the Peaches-led “Get Down”. Do you ever wish Rammstein was a little more accessible and sensuous? That’s Emigrate in a nutshell and this song in particular. The riffs come back again in full force on “Rock City” with Lemmy on vocals for a ditty that sounds like Motorhead meets Ministry and then Marilyn Manson gets dirty with the electro-stomp, “Hypothetical”.

When Kruspe takes center stage on the mic once again on “Rainbow” it’s almost like a breath of fresh air. On Silent So Long, Kruspe flexes his riff and songwriting chops and takes them to new levels. “My Pleasure” truly stands out towards the end with an intense percussive barrage as does the majestic “Silent So Long” which closes the album with a gorgeous, almost symphonic, sonic excursion accented by some sharp riffs.

Silent So Long is out on December 9th. Pre-order yours here, here, and here.

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