Entombed A.D. Drop Dead Dawn On February 26th (Album Review)


Vocalist LG Petrov has a lot of new music to share with you. Since Entombed A.D. blasted back onto the heavy scene after far too long away in 2014 with a new album (Back To The Front) and a new moniker, that signature growl of Petrov has graced the debut from Firespawn late last year and is now ready to aurally assault listeners with ANOTHER new Entombed A.D. record.

The record in question is Dead Dawn and if you like your Entombed somewhere in the middle of Wolverine Blues and DCLXVI then strap in, lock your doors, set the headphones to play as loud as inhumanly possible and enjoy the ride.

Beginning with the rifftastic “Midas In Reverse”, Dead Dawn immediately hearkens back to the nastier bits of Wolverine Blues and even Left Hand Path with a huge gang-vox chorus that’ll no doubt have the pits on the road chanting along. While the title track that follows is almost Entombed-by-numbers, it’s “Down To Mars To Ride” that will really catch old school fans and make new fans flock to the Entombed A.D. fold. Anthemic, brutal, and a headbangers delight, “Down To Mars To Ride” is the sound of modern death ‘n’ roll so who better to lead a new charge than the progenitors of the genre.

People! That was only the first three tracks. What lies beneath is even more brutality from these Swedish kings. Whether it’s the straight up ferocity of songs like “Total Death” and “Black Survival” (The latter of which is pure, classic Entombed) or experimental dirges like “Hubris Fall”, Entombed A.D. remain at the forefront of modern metal and Dead Dawn is the undisputed proof.

Dead Dawn will be unleashed through Century Media Records on February 26th with a North American tour supporting Amon Amarth to follow. To get your copy head here and here, and for tour dates and more head on over here.

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