Ex/Current Members of Easter Bloodhounds, Test Meat And textbookcopilot Join Forces In forktie, Debut “Spores”

The measure of a good debut song is something that’s timeless: It sounds like a song you’ve heard before but can’t quite place it but it also sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard at the same time. Still with us? Great! Because that’s exactly the sort of reaction that “Spores”, by forktie, evokes on each consequent play through.

forktie feature former/current members of a plethora of local Boston rawk luminaries including Test Meat, OFFWORLD, textbookcopilot, and more and if those names alone aren’t enough to compel you to check them out then the almost three minute blast of rawk that is “spores” will definitely do the trick.

Dom Mariano’s guitars shimmer as Aarne Victorine’s bass throbs underneath, creating a delightful dissonance next to Corey LeBlanc’s drumming on a sweet little ditty that, at times, sounds like Hum mixed with Smashing Pumpkins. Then there’s Mariano’s soaring vox which sound nothing like either of those bands. Again, timeless.

The best part? You can get your very own copy RIGHT FREAKING NOW by clicking here. For the latest on forktie, including deets on live shows and their upcoming EP, head here.


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