Firespawn Invite You To Enter The Shadow Realms On Stunning Debut


Looking to get back on the Left Hand Path with LG Petrov? Then take a ride on the Firespawn train! It’s a brutal, fast, deathily brilliant slab of old school meets new world order death ‘n’ roll.

While Entombed A.D.’s debut/latest was a breath of fresh air from the Swedish metallers camp, LG takes you back to a sound that made you fall in love with his other band in the first place.

“The Emperor” is ungodly in its excellence. Petrov sounds more furious here than on any of the tracks that graced Back To The Front while drummer Matte Modin is simply a godsend (Or “Hellsent” perhaps?) on the track, hitting you over the head with a barrage of double bass.

“Imperial Burning” might start out a bit slower but soon builds into a genuine beast reminiscent of Wolverine Blues at its finest. Next up, “Lucifer Has Spoken” arises from the depths and might as well be the “Firespawn anthem”. It’s just that awesome and captures the essence of this veritable Death supergroup. However, “All Hail” which rears its ugly little head later follows as a close second for the “Firespawn anthem” mantle.

Victor Brandt and Fredrik Folkare simply bring it with an evil dual guitar attack throughout Shadow Realms especially on a track like “Ruination” which is a pure headbangers delight and ups the thrash factor considerably. And bringing up the low end is Necrophobic bassist Alex Impaler who adds to the ferocity that is “Spirit Of The Black Tide” and across the rest of the album.

If you like your Entombed hard, fast, and evil then Firespawn is the debut you need to own. Shadow Realms is out now through Century Media. Get your physical copy here. And digitally here.

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