Fly Golden Eagle Flys High With Quartz Bijou (Album Review)


This is not my kind of band. Not in the least. But there’s something endearing about this group of oddballs that makes me want to listen over and over again to Quartz Bijou, their latest. Like The Blues Brothers meets Oasis, Fly Golden Eagle’s brand of soulful psych rock stands out thanks to their tight arrangements and Ben Trimble’s timeless voice that drives each song to a new level of musical excellence.

“You Look God To Me” is a bit of a slow burn but really gives listeners a sense of FGE and then kind of explodes out of your speakers. “Horse’s Mouth” is kind of a ’60’s acid trip and a song that’ll really grab you. Kind of like a less intense Monster Magnet from their early days, “Horse’s Mouth” strays from the path with its blues-infused rhythms before drifting off into something else.

“Stepping Stone” is a rocker and a half filled with Hammond jams and Trimble’s voice coming through like a preacher at a Southern Baptist Church while “Magic Steven” has this great ’70’s psych quality to it with a bold bass line and these harmonies and choruses that Kasabian wishes they could replicate.

“Monolith” is lush with grooves until a serene piano line enters and breaks new ground then veers off into almost cacophonous territory. Then “Tangible Intangible” sways its way into pure Pop nirvana and, like most of the songs found within Quartz Bijou, continually surprises and constantly impresses.

Quartz Bijou is out through ATO Records on July 31st. Pre-orders are up now and ready to be purchased here.

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