Ghastly Sound Release Debut EP, Singlehandedly Save Rock And Roll In The Process

Like a mix of Torche and Kylesa’s brand of sludge rawk fronted by someone who can bring a Dickinsonian monster croon one minute and a brash growl the next, Ghastly Sound just might be the band to give current rawk and/or roll the swift kick in the ass it so desperately needs.

On their self-titled debut, Ghastly Sound bludgeon listeners with some of the hardest, most fuzzed out riffs imaginable then seamlessly sashay into these equally gargantuan melodic choruses and passages. A lot of the thanks for that dichotomy is vocalist Tyler Gurwicz whose aforementioned range makes each of the four songs on this debut EP a musical journey unto itself.

From the rollicking rager of “The Worst” until the inevitable closing chords of slow burnin’ “Cuttlefish”, Ghastly Sound proves to be even more unique since it features, gasp!, no guitars. You read that right, kiddies! That sonic pummeling that you’re gladly receiving into your earholes? Bass, drums, and vox only.

But who needs guitars?

“Where the Ghosts Hide” is an electric boogaloo put through a desert rawk filter that proves that statement as bassist TJ Maynard and drummer Ryan Lewis create a cacophony of fills and riffage that easily complements Gurwicz’s vocal melange. If you need any more reason to seek out this album immediately then the smooth sounds of “Cape Buffalo” should be the only other proof you need as to why Ghastly Sound is an essential listen.

You know you need to hear this now, right? And luck for you, Ghastly Sound is out now through the indomitable Magnetic Eye Records! You can get your very own over here then head on over here to find out where you can catch the band on the road and more.


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