GHXST Unveil Video For “No Luck”, Release Nowhere EP


If White Zombie were born from the desert instead of NYC, they might sound like GHXST (Even though GHXST, who even covered “Dragula”, is from New York). On their latest release, Nowhere, GXHST take their brand of fuzzed out psych rock to new levels and deliver explosive results.

“Slow Down” opens with this wall of sludge with Shelley X’s Melissa Auf Der Maur meets Kim Gordon delivery breaking through the cacophony. “Nowhere” churns with a fevered brilliance  and “Keep Me Awake” is this glorious slab of riffs that flow like molasses and brings to mind Blues For The Red Sun for a modern era.

But if you’re really looking for that Zombie connection then “No Luck” has got that sound in spades complete with spoken word bits throughout (No Iggy Pop appearance here, though) making the track a spiritual “Black Sunshine” successor.

Check out the video for “No Luck” below and head on over here to get your copy of Nowhere.

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