Goo Munday Reinvigorates Electro On Fabulous 9 Lives

Goo Munday, where have you been all my life? We allude to missing out on a lot of artists in these pages because there’s a lot out there to consume. And if your tastes are as varied as ours then it’s even more overwhelming at times so you’ve got to know where to look or who to trust. Like a label that consistently puts out killer releases, perhaps? Someone responsible for consistent Electro bangers like Negative Gain Productions maybe? Hells yes! Already giving us all the heart eyes because of recent releases from Kanga and Strvngers, NGP has a slew of awesomesauce lately including the just released Standalone release, Mr. Kitty’s next opus (A double album!), and Goo Munday, the focus of this post.

But I digress.

Goo Munday’s 9 Lives is an Electro album like no other and easily one of the most unique albums of its’ genre this year. And that’s no small feat considering the talent on the label roster where GM currently resides.

“Start a Fire” is certifiably incendiary with loops and beats and a cacophonous blast of electro awesome that’ll have you on your feet and dancing the instant it starts. It’s the kind of track I’d repeatedly request at my local goth night (Lookin at you, Xmortis). Next, “All Of Mondays Parties” is airy and dreamy, accelerating towards the most bombastic synthetic dreamscape.

“Eyes” is gorgeous and reminiscent of early Mr. Kitty with an ominous air about it as the beats throb and the song provides the soundtrack to dance your night away or cry alone in a corner. “No” is so futuristically and sonically moving, showing off the softer side of Munday’s voice as this croon cries out and the sonics tap into the dance aesthetic that fellow darkwave Electro-futurists Replicant have a handle on quite nicely (Might I suggest a collaboration in the future?)

“The Waiting Room” is macabre and sinister in a way that the best darker Massive Attack jams are while the title track moves and grooves with a cool vocal manipulation highlighting the sweet and salty facets of Munday’s vocal style. Then “Game” ups the pace as this banger paves the way for “Anti-Life” and the New Wave penultimate beatdown before Sidewalks and Skeletons show up on “Rebirth” and help create the most perfect finale for a most perfect album.

9 Lives drops on March 15th through Negative Gain Productions. Pre-orders are available now by clicking here or here. For the most up-to-date news on Goo Munday, head here.

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