Harborlights Prepare Physical Copies Of Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree With Bonus Tracks

Hearing a band you’ve enjoyed from the beginning progress over the years is a glorious thing sometimes. Take MA’s Harborlights, for example. Post-rock, post-metal, post-whatever. They’re killing it and their latest offerings are even more proof of why you should all be paying attention.

“And Yet It Moves” is the most alive this instrumental quartet has sounded yet! Is it the new drummer, the maturity….who knows but the end result is stunning. Christine Smith’s pronounced bass lays in some sludge before Andrew Diaz and Matthew Wright weave their guitar magic in and  absolutely overpower your aural senses. And that’s just at the start of so many musical journeys within this eight plus minute little ditty.

Then “Norah” slinks in with a subtle pummeling: a smooth drum intro by Jordan Rodriguez, a shimmery guitar on top and then…vocals???? Whoa! And they’re equally glorious. Better than Pelican, more spacey than Mogwai…are either of those feats even possible? Listen to these tracks and try to tell me they’re not.

“And Yet It Moves” and “Norah” will see the light of day when the physical copies of Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree drop. And where can you get said copies, you ask? Well, checking out Harborlights live is your best bet and they’ll be hitting the road starting May 17th at Sammy’s Patio in Revere. For more dates and info head on over here, and click below to hear Harborlights most recent offering.

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