(Hed) P.E. Survive The Nu-Metal Age, Persevere On Solid Stampede

There are bands out there today in 2019 that not only survived the Nu-Metal revolution but are still active and thriving. One such band is (Hed) P.E. who has constantly been contributing to the post-Nu Metal world with a consistent string of under the radar bangers. When Linkin Park was destroying with their sophomore triumph Meteora in 2003, (Hed) was subtly slaughtering with Blackout (This album is still a killer so get on that shit if you haven’t already). When the godfathers of Nu-Metal, Korn, unsuccessfully tried to return to their roots with 2010’s Remember Who You Are, (Hed) was keeping the torch lit with Truth Rising. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of (Hed) persevering.

But I digress.

The key to (Hed) P.E.’s success has always been their embrace of a varied batch of styles, fusing them with their core DNA to create something new and truly unique. Stampede is no exception when it comes to that statement with opener “NoApologies” beginning with a fusion of Kendrick Lamar-inspired Hip-Hop and Rawk.

“CanIRock”, on the other hand, sounds like classic (Hed) built on this singular riff as founding member and vocalist Jahred blurts out an infectious chorus before settling into a gorgeous groove that’s part Trap and part Reggae. “PWF” is this beautiful, soulful ditty that could easily be a modern Chainsmokers jam. That is, until the massive wall of guitar riffage comes rippin’ in as Trauma lays down these ginormous percussive blasts.

“BossUp” is spacey and beats-heavy, bordering on ballad territory with airs of Tupac’s flow as Jahred delivers truths before heading towards these bangin’ gang vocal sing-a-longs. If that’s isn’t your sonic cuppa, though, then stay tuned for “WhyNotMe” which is an incendiary Punk Rawk/Metal hybrid that’ll appease all the pure metal(hed)’s out there.

“Naragansett” is a ballin’ ballad merging Electro, Hard Rawk, and Hip-Hop while “DieAnotherDay” is another example of how vital Jahred’s voice and lyrical intent is to modern Nu-Metal as this track explodes into this gigantic Def Leppard-like anthem before settling back into a beats-driven beast. Closing with “TimeOfMyLife”, (Hed) treads Kanye territory circa 808’s as Jahred’s autotuned vox permeate the track like a pastor preaching and this exceptionally electric track brings Stampede to an end.

Stampede, ahem, stampedes its’ way into your earholes on June 21st thanks to Pavement Entertainment and Suburban Noize Records. You can pre-order your copy by clicking here or here. You can catch (Hed)P.E. in action this fall with Powerman 5000, Adema, and Genitorturers. For more on the tour and other stuff, (Hed) here.

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