Hogan’s Goat Channel Some Greats Yet Forge Their Own Sound On Solid Debut

Those of you out there thirsting for Suck Out The Poison-era He Is Legend infused with some of the raw Clutch of the mid ’00’s are in luck because Hogan’s Goat has an album for you!

“Rat Boy” sets the precedent with its’ Southern fried drawl leading up to an all out jam from dual guitarists Donovan Bettisse and Thomas Banks but “Pennymade” is the one that really hits the right notes and captures the HG sound. What starts as a standard hard rocker adds some inspired doom breakdowns before John Salmon lets loose during the chorus.

“Shit Kicker” has that modern Corrosion Of Conformity vibe down to a tee, even channeling some Phil Anselmo Down-style gruff vocals from Salmon. “Annie Off The Rails” shimmies and sways with drummer Wayne Michel laying down some steady yet thunderous beats. “Over The Palisade” has a little AC/DC thing going until Michel’s double bass fills paired with Salmon’s screech take this metal mammer jammer to a new level entirely.

Later on, “If I’m Dead” is fueled by some down home riffage while “John Doe” is a shoegaze groover that hearkens to In The Arms Of God with its epicness and intensity. “Jack and Jill”, on the other hand, shows off some SOUL within Hogan’s Goat until “Elkhorn Mountain” takes their sound to new levels, treading later He Is Legend sonic prowess as Aaron Stoner’s bass hums the low end underneath.

Hogan’s Goat is out on July 18th. You can pre-order your copy right here. For more on Hogan’s Goat, be sure to click right here.

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