InAeona Delivers Melodic Industrial Mayhem On Prosthetic Records Debut


Guh. Just guh.

In short, Boston’s InAeona is like Siouxsie Sioux fronting Professional Murder Music. Not Nine Inch Nails, Not Ministry. Professional Murder Music. Look them up. You’ll thank me later.

But I digress.

Imagine being Marty McFly during the opening sequence of Back To The Future. Imagine that that incredible wall of amplifiers actually worked. NOW imagine that what came blasting out of those amplifiers was the sounds that make up Force Rise The Sun, InAeona’s Prosthetic Records debut.

If you can’t get that sorted then know that Force Rise The Sun is a headphone album. Like, start to finish, leave me alone for an hour while I process what is happening album. Let the sounds envelope you. Let Bridge Laviazar ‘s vocals and guitar move you. Let Dave Soucy’s bass reverberate within you. Let James Dunham’s drums own you. The album is that big, people!

Oh, you want to hear about the songs now? InAeona has those in spades! Whether it’s the airy space of opener of “Bright Black”, the industrial viciousness of “Leader” or the soaring melodies of “Sun Moon”, InAeona display a penchant for catchiness with a crunch creating an album that easily stands out as one of the best debuts of 2015.

“Ghosts” and “Soldier” follow and are some of the more accessible of the bunch with Pop sensibility oozing from both. “Empty Now” opens up the sonic landscape even more while “A Ways Away” is this creepy dirge which could easily fit amongst the track listing of any modern Skinny Puppy record.

In short, Force Rise The Sun is amazing.

Force Rise The Sun is out from Prosthetic records on August 7th. Pre-orders are up through Bandcamp here and through the Prosthetic webstore here.


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