InSammer Tap Into Something Nu On Pummeling Seeds

InSammer’s name was inspired by Robert Heinlein’s The Door Into Summer so right off the bat our interest is piqued. Add to that the fact that the music produced on Seeds is pretty frelling phenomenal and you have, what we call in the biz, the total package.

“Monroe” starts with this perfect backbeat by Teodor Alexuta and a sludgey guitar line from Oleg Izotov and Dennis Wise that’s messy and trashy and, best of all, catchy as hell especially when coupled with Vika’s commanding, throated cries. Then Vika retreats to a singsong vocal style and spews lines like “I don’t give a flying fuck” with a squealing guitar sound conjuring the riffs of Tommy Victor and it’s already apparent that Seeds is gonna be one helluva ride.

“Forsaken By God” starts with a scorching guitar line before breaking into heavy groover lead by Alexuta’s drums and pounded home by Nikita Simonov’s bass work. Nu-metal meets prog on “The System” which drops next with an opening guitar salvo that’d make Wes Borland green with envy while “Punk” leads with Alexuta’s frenetic beats as Simonov’s bass rumbles to give way to some shreddy fun. The track is a headbanger for sure and Vika’s voice, like on all of the Seeds tracks, demands your attention.

The title track swirls with the stuff that made the best nu-metal of yesteryear brim with excitement and stand out from the metal community as a whole with more steady beats and crushing riffs as Vika’s incomparable pipes switch from these guttural passages to the most serene delivery in an instant. “Wings” goes for broke at Seeds’ inevitable conclusion and doubles down on the nu with this track that once again is not only heavy as hell but also catchy as hell  with Vika adopting a drill sergeant’s bark to drive the point home.

Seeds is out now. You can get your very own copy by clicking here or here. For the latest on InSammer, head on over to this location.

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