Instrumental Industrial Duo Deflore Invite Killing Joke Frontman And You To A Party In The Chaos

I’m not going to lie: it’s weird to hear Jaz Coleman’s uncanny maw front any band other than Killing Joke. However, Roma’s Deflore do a solid job of backing the iconic vocalist and even give Geordie’s usual wall of guitars a run for their money. And at the end of the day I’ll gladly take any new recorded material from Coleman over none.

But I digress.

The band is Deflore and even without the powerhouse guest they have behind the mic, they’re a band you should definitely be paying attention to (As evidenced by previous releases found here). But let’s focus on the hear and now, shall we?

The title track which kicks things off is frelling gorgeous with Christian Ceccarelli’s bass laying a solid post-punk/Industrial foundation followed by Coleman and his familiar howl which just seals the deal of this track being a veritable new anthem befitting someone of Jaz’s indescribably vocal talent.

“Sunset In The West” is like something out of Westworld and A Clockwork Orange showing off the duo of Ceccarelli and guitarist Emiliano Di Lodovico in their natural instrumental Industrial habitat as it switches between this soundscape feel and a driving, Industrial pummeler with added strength from Coleman who provides piano and synthesizer accompaniment.

“Transhuman World” has Coleman subdued but no less intense (Think KJ B-side “Zennon” as a reference point here) with Di Lodovico’s guitars steadily shredding while the programmed beats come at you like old school tribal Ministry heading into this spacey and eerily serene conclusion.

Party In The Chaos is out through Subsound Records on June 28th. Get yours by clicking here and here. And for more on Deflore, head on over to this location here.

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