INTRCPTR Goes For Short, Sweet, and Heavy On I

Yearning for the next slab of Pelican amazingness to drop? Well, you still have to wait but in the meantime, INTRCPTR is the cure for what ails ya! AND this duo happens to feature Pelican’s own Larry Herweg on drums so there’s that at least.

Also featuring 5ive’s Ben Carr on guitars, INTRCPTR’s debut plays more like a monolithic Karma To Burn than Herweg’s other band with their short, concise brand of instrumental shredding. And that should suit listeners just fine. From the barely two minute “Nightrider” through to the closing grooves of “Watchmaker”, INTRCPTR slips in and out of your consciousness within I’s five tracks and by the time you’ve fully submitted to the slaying sounds, INTRCPTR pulls the rug from underneath you and leaves taking all their sonic toys with them.

But you still have the memories, right? Or, more importantly, the TUNES! That you can repeat over and over when this bad boy is released on July 21st.

Elsewhere on the five track beast, “Sandstorms” produces a flurry of riffage and some heavy percussive bashing bringing those storm images to the forefront of your imagination while “Ruby” is built on a slower groove that builds to an awesome explosion of sound until “Turbines” enters like a lost Kyuss classic. It’s that good, people.

I is out on July 21st through Magic Bullet Records. Do yourself a favor and pre-order yours now by clicking here or here.

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