Jane In Space Combine The Best Elements Of Industrial On Diverse Gorerunner

With an album titled Gorerunner, Brooklyn’s Jane In Space already has us hooked. But seriously, Industrial music is my jam, okay? And Jane In Space hit a range of sounds from God Lives Underwater meets Gravity Kills on some tracks while others are like a melding of Skinny Puppy and Nine Inch Nails (“Full Stop”, in particular for that mix).

But I digress.

Gorerunner begins with the indomitable electro bombast of “Little Raurus” which steadily builds to Tom Vickers’ bravado-filled long vocal passages. And before you have a chance to catch your breath or ponder what just happened, “Eat Your Face” dances its’ way into your head (And possibly your black hearts?) with Jesse Jensen’s programmed beats taking Jane In Space to new levels with this song.

The hypnotic, almost Phillip Glass-like, piano lines that dwell within “Breaking Glass” opens up another side to the Brooklyn-based duo with hints of Sunna popping up occasionally while the title track sounds like everything the U.K.’s Vex Red could’ve been if they’d continued on and kept the momentum going instead of taking a decade+ nap with Vickers adopting a heartfelt croon.

“Thru The Vines” closes things out with this aggro start/stop anxiety-ridden jam that’s jarring yet gels as Jensen and Vickers showcase strong songwriting amidst the maelstrom of sound. It’s s the perfect coda to leave listeners hanging until the next release.

Gorerunner is out on July 13th through Aion Records. Pre-orders are up now and available for purchase by clicking here or here. For the latest on Jane In Space, including details of their upcoming album release show in New York, head on over here.

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