Jenn Vix Concocts Strange Synthetic Utopia With 6

Jenn Vix is making the kind of Electro music you need to hear. Like a mix of The B-52’s in their early years and Gary Numan circa The Pleasure Principle with hints of the Eurythmics thrown in for good measure, 6 is a veritable melting pot of awesome electronic sounds presented in a new way.

The video for first single and EP opener “Ride” is a mixed bag and almost had me turn back from the impending musical journey but I persevered! And I’m glad I did because if you look beyond the “Somebody’s Watching Me” with aliens treatment and focus in on the whole package then “Ride” really works within the context of 6 delivering your first taste of Vix and her airy vocal attack while swirling synths permeate throughout.

But I digress.

“The Mask of Charon” is something that could totally show up during Stranger Things with those spooky tones that SURVIVE became synonymous for as Vix utters lines like “I kissed the knife in my hand/I told you that you wouldn’t win” (Insert eyes bugging out emoji here for maximum effect) as foreboding synth lines accent at all the right moments.

“Rover” is an ominous warning of mind police on your tail as it drones on and serves to highlight Vix’s sultry voice as does “In Your Sleep” which creates a beautiful yet moody atmosphere. “Show Me The Sun” picks up the pace as it bounces and delights with Vix switching between a dreamy shimmer and a soulful croon as the bass rolls on and percussive fills take the Vix sound to new levels.

Then there’s “Valentine” which is this perfectly quirky instrumental to finish things off right with programmed drums laying the perfect foundation as hypnotic synths invade your aural senses creating the sensation of The Munsters theme mashed up with “Planet Claire”.

6 is out through Umbrella Music Co. on May 3rd. You can pre-order your own copy already by clicking here. For the latest on Jenn Vix, head on over to this location.

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