Jimmy Glitschy brings the desert rawk to Germany on selftitled!


Jena rawk strikes again as another Bostonregina find makes their way to the RNRF office stereo. This time we’re checking out Jimmy Gltschy der einarmige Karussellbremser (Or just “Jimmy Glitschy” for short). If you’re a fan of Josh Homme’s Desert Sessions, Eagles Of Death Metal or the fuzzed out sounds that come from the fabled “generator parties” in Palm Springs then you might want to pay attention.

Great music is the kind that moves you somehow. Whether it’s physically or emotionally, great music needs to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, pull on your heartstrings or compel you to jump, bang your head, dance….whatever. It’s just gotta move you, okay! The beauty of Jimmy Glitschy’s selftitled is that it does all that and more.

From the opening laid back riffage of “Motorpsycho”, it’s apparent that Jimmy Glitschy isn’t your typical desert/stoner rock band. That’s even more apparent when “Dance! Or! Die!” kicks into high gear next and causes your booty to move involuntarily.  Later on, “Long Gone Dead” injects some country-fied twang into the musical repertoire while “Ma Baby” is, quite simply, a guitar party.

The songs that really stand out on selftitled are also the ones that’ll be stuck with you for days/weeks/years so buyer/downloader beware: if you don’t want the overwhelming power of Jimmy Glitschy to take hold of your body and soul, turn back now! I’m of course talking about “Fuzzmatazz” which leads the charge of the final wave of Glitschy greats on selftitled. If ever a song was deserving to stand in the upper echelon of desert rock anthems for the 21st Century, it’s “Fuzzmatazz” with a monolithic wall of guitars, some gruff vox, and a drum beat that’ll keep your head bobbing until the end. “We need more disko (do we?)” keeps the dancing alive and ups the riff factor, complete with an outro vocal refrain that’s sure to get you in trouble if you blast it in the office. Elsewhere, the lords of Kyuss shine down on “Killswitch” while bluesy closer “Slowrider” ends the album like the morning after a raucous night out on the town.

I’m not one to tell you what to do, I’m just here to provide an opinion with which you can make your own decisions. However, if you like any of the above mentioned bands, are a fan of desert rock, and have a pulse, then you should probably pick this one up.

selftitled is available now. You can get yours here and find out more about Jummy Glitschy here.

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