Jokes! Episode 9: Deon Cole, Cole Blooded Seminar

Angie Tribeca is one of the greatest new(er) shows on television. Like the classics that came before (Sledge Hammer! and Police Squad! instantly come to mind), Angie is the epitome of satire done right and thrives due to the excellent writing and the stellar ensemble cast.

One of the stand outs from said stellar ensemble has a stand up special (See what I did there???) out now which we think you’ll love. Deon Cole is the man and his latest special, Cole Blooded Seminar, is available now via Comedy Central Records.

And what a seminar it is!

Cole’s deadpan delivery is what seals the deal throughout. Whether he’s explaining how he doesn’t get jokes (On the aptly titled “I Don’t Get Jokes”), or praising the good Lord for all his good and bad fortune (“Give God the Glory”), Cole brings the funny with astute observations and a knack for perfect timing.

Elsewhere, he delivers eye opening truths about Adam & Eve (“Who cut their umbilical cords?” in “Deep Thinker”), explains the trick to getting away with texting anything you want is ending the message with “lol” (“Text Anything”), and poses the thought-provoking questions to the inevitability of white people becoming extinct (“Who gonna run Google?”, “Who gonna represent me in court?” in “Save the White Folks”).

He also reveals that getting older causes him to accept ALL the compliments (During “I’m Getting Old”), reveals a fondness for plastic bags (“If you come over my house and throw out my plastic bags, I will beat the life out of you”), and eerily foreshadows Prince’s death (“Legends”).

Cole Blooded Seminar is out now through Comedy Central Records. You can stream it right now over here or get a copy to enjoy again and again here or here. You can also catch Cole on new episodes of Black-ish and Angie Tribeca, both airing now.

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