Josh Todd & The Conflict Create Succinct Stadium-Sized Hard Rawk Hits On Year Of The Tiger

Cock rock is alive and well in the Year Of The Tiger as Josh Todd & The Conflict present an album of infectious and hard rawkin’ tunes for the masses this September.

Co-written by Buckcherry bandmate Stevie D (Who also co-produced the record with Stone Temple Pilots very own Erik Kretz AND plays the guitar throughout) helped Todd really hone his sound to make a short, succinct, yet wholly visceral mission statement. And nothing declares that more than when opener “Year Of The Tiger” drops as a statement of intent and absolutely slays as Todd screams “I set the world on fire!” amidst scorching guitar solos and bombastic drumming.

“Inside” is pure adrenaline as Todd’s hypnotic delivery builds to a slowed down and anthemic chorus??? It’s songs like this that instantly throw listeners for a loop yet reel them in more as they wonder what surprises are coming next.

You may have seen the video for “Fucked Up” already and speaking of anthemic, this one’s like a goddamn anthem or three! Remember the first time you heard “Lit Up” and all the feels you had? This one will do that tenfold.

Then “Rain” hits and listeners are transported into the Church of Todd as this gospel/hymanl replete with handclaps and falsettos completely envelopes you. “Good Enough” continues with the slowed down trend with an acoustic-driven number until “The Conflict” screams its way into existence as a veritable call to arms.

“Story Of My Life” is like a lost Buckcherry insta-classic with a huge chorus, chugging riffs and sing-a-long verses while “Atomic” is a beat driven, groove laden track that closes the album while lobbing even more welcome sonic surprises at listeners.

Year Of The Tiger is a must have for Buckcherry and hard rawk fans alike and it’s out on September 15th through Century Media Records. Get yours by clicking here or here.

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