Juiceboxxx Sounds Familiar Yet Fresh On Freaked Out American Loser

Oh my, the second coming of the Beastie Boys? A new oasis where Ill Communication plays 24/7, processed through an even more punk rock filter? Maybe the more fucked up Nirvana tunes (“Territorial Pissings” and “Very Ape”, for example) combined with the most masterfully crafted Beasties heavy jams curated by a gentleman who is Ad Rock, Mike D, and MCA all rolled into one?

But I digress!

The flow, the beats, the tunes! The torch has been unofficially passed!

If you can get through “Freaking Out” once without bobbing your head and double checking that this track isn’t by a certain old school trio of hip-hoppers from NYC then you might have to stop listening to music altogether…or at least stop trying to appreciate any kind of music that isn’t force fed to you from the masses.

“Brutalizing”, on the other hand, is something else entirely. Melody with flow. Not quite hip-hop. Not quite rawk. Different yet awesome. “Lifers And Losers” channels Mellow Gold chasing those mid-’90’s greats and becoming more while “Permanent Brain Damage” settles into a sweet groove once the feedback dissipates.

A little post-rock seeps into “No Good Way To Grow Up” until the title track hits which closes out the album and is almost like the most melodic, most perfect track The Strokes never had the chance to record. End of the day, Juiceboxxx is different. Different is good. Not your average hip-hop artist and definitely not your average indie rocker. Not average at all. Freaked Out American Loser proves that.

Freaked Out American Loser drops on July 28th via Dangerbird Records. Yours can be attained by clicking on the links provided here or here.

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