Kele fully realizes electronica urges on Trick

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Make no mistake, I love Bloc Party. I do. But there was always something about that band and certain aspects that didn’t gel. Especially in the latter days and the more electronic aspects when vocalist Kele Okereke seemed to push in a different direction. Then came his solo outings and songs like “Tenderoni” and “What Did I Do” and you could just tell: this is what he’s supposed to do.

On his sophomore solo release, Trick, Okereke embraces his electronic side wholly and the results are breathtaking. From the opening pings of “First Impressions” it’s instantly apparent that this is the kind of music he was born to make. Think Massive Attack via Protection or Seal’s System (That Stuart Price sound permeates throughout Trick) as prime examples of where Trick lays sonically.

“Coasting” just glistens. “Doubt” embraces the club.  And boy, is this a sexy record! Are you looking for an album to get sweaty to in the club and in the bedroom? Then Trick is the album for you! Sweet Baby Jeebus, songs like “My Hotel Room” or “Like We Used To” exude sexy. It’s more fully realized than The Boxer, the guitars are gone, and everything is better. The arrangements, the songwriting, everything! If you already love Kele, then this is a must have. If you’re an electronic music fan and are looking for a new fix, then Trick is your jam in 2014.

As long as Kele continues on this path I don’t care if Bloc Party makes another record. And neither should you. This is him and it just fits, y’know?

Trick is out now and available everywhere. Check out here and here to get your copy.

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