Kelsey’s Debut EP Is A Hard Rawk Fans Delight

As a fellow Berklee grad, how could I not wanna review this? It also helps that the debut EP from Kelsey Luo happens to be a kick ass slab of unexpected hard rawk! Vancouver to Boston to L.A. to Vancouver once again is the journey Kelsey took to bring you these three tracks of hard rawkin’ delights. And what delightful tracks they are!

“Hard To Say” just explodes from the onset of the EP with a solid hard rawkin’ backdrop becoming this glorious dichotomy when Kelsey’s gorgeous voice begins to enthrall listeners amongst the epic percussive blasts on a track that borders on prog at times.

“Where Are You Now” is a quieter tale that builds for two and a half minutes to this gargantuan peak as Kelsey cries out: “Where are you now? When I need you!”

“Shame”, on the other hand, starts with an inherent heaviness before settling into a nice groove with Kelsey’s voice weaving in and out of the sonic maelstrom before jumping to the forefront for an emotionally-charged chorus.

And then you’re done! That’s it! No filler, just pure hard and heavy music that’ll stick with you thanks to a unique voice paired with an unbelievable sound.

Kelsey is out now and you can get yours by clicking here. For the latest and greatest on Kelsey, head on over here.

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