Keroscene Look To Set Music World Ablaze With “Cotton Candy”

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Like their name implies, Keroscene is looking to light the scene on fire as evidenced by their scorching debut AA single for “Cotton Candy”.

Foreboding is an apt term when talking about the ominous synth opening of “Cotton Candy” but with no warning, a lone guitar breaks through and the song builds with hints of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to give it an airy, almost mystical, feeling. While “dream rock” might be an appropriate affiliation at first listen, the term tends to take away from the punch Keroscene deliver on each note. How about we just call it “Unbelievable Rawk” for argument’s sake?

“Storm O.K.” accompanies “Cotton Candy” and is every bit as urgent honing Keroscene’s sound while pushing towards an unyielding barrage of noise laced with an epic guitar solo to close out the song.

Keroscene’s debut AA single is available on March 2nd but you can hear both glorious tracks below. For more on Keroscene, head on over here.

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