KMFDM celebrate 30 years of the Ultra Heavy Beat on latest album Our Time Will Come

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Thirty freaking years of the Ultra Heavy Beat. Think about this people. Thirty. Freaking. Years. Through numerous line up changes, band dissolutions, reformations, and finally coming up with a proper “band”, KMFDM have endured and celebrate such a momentous occasion the only way they can by not dwelling on the past but by instead looking to the future with a brand spankin’ new collection of Ultra Heavy Beats.

Starting off in true KMFDM tongue-in-cheek fashion, “Genau” promises to teach listeners “German For Dummies” thanks to our narrator Miss Anabella. It’s your typical KMFDM opener: sharp, direct, and sure to bring a smile to even the staunchest of goths. “Shake The Cage” ups the sexy quotient which means Miss Lucia Cifarelli takes center stage while “Salvation”shares some DNA with “Juke Joint Jezabel”. Speaking of Nihil, “Blood vs. Money” also has some of the vibe of that album.

As a whole, though, OTWC is a mature and vicious entry into the KMFDM catalog. Whether it’s the bleeps and boops that lead into the monolithic dirge of “Brainwashed” or the subtle dubstep experimentation integrated into the glorious title track, KMFDM still manage to surprise and captivate audiences.

At the end of the day KMFDM still reign supreme and Our Time Will Come will only further prove that, if anything, this band will still be rocking thirty years from now.

Our Time Will Come is out through Metropolis Records now. You can pre-order yours here or here.


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