Kristen Ford Homecoming Hits Middle East January 3rd!


It’s time Boston/Cambridge! Kristen Ford is finally returning home. We ran a piece back in May of 2014 when Ms. Ford was about to say farewell to this fine city so we’re just as excited as you are to see 2015 start off with her homecoming.

In support of the delightful Dinosaur album but with new songs in tow, Ford celebrates her few weeks home with a full band and a show at the Middle East in Cambridge. “Be Your Girl” off Dinosaur was easily one of our favorite songs of 2014 so it’s a no-brainer that you’d wanna be in the place where 2015’s “Be Your Girl” was born.

Still looking for the perfect show to kick off your 2015? This is it. And it’s a live band recording. Those in attendance get a free digital copy. Who doesn’t want to be apart of that? Tickets are available here. Goli (From NYC) along with Bern & the Brights support. The fun starts at 7PM.

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