La Chinga Channel The Greats, Celebrate The Riff On Latest Album Free Wheelin’


With a mix of that Southern-fried Black Crowes twang and Led Zeppelin’s classic bravado, Free Wheelin‘ by Vancouver’s La Chinga is destined to live long and prosper in the hallowed halls of rawk.

From the moment “Gone Gypsy” SCREAMS from the speakers, La Chinga instantly sets themselves on the right track with sweet grooves and a gospel choir chanting the chorus. “Mother Of All Snakeheads” follows that trend as it moves and sways and shimmies with a subtle riff ferocity driving it forward to a triumphant head. If the preceding jams haven’t peaked your interest yet, then “White Witchy Black Magic” has more than enough of the good stuff to hold your attention and keep it firmly vested until the end.

“Faded Angel” changes the pace with an acoustic start and Carl Spackler’s croon driving the flow until Ben Yardley’s guitars and Jason Solyom’s drums crash through the serenity taking the song to another level. “Mountain Momma” continues the pace change and channels Zeppelin the most until “War Cry” bounces in with a contagious beat that’ll have music lovers on their feet and dancing away.

Heading toward the epic “The Dawn Of Man” to conclude the record, La Chinga load up Free Wheelin’ with enough riff-soaked goodness to insure new fans will stick around for the long haul while older fans bob their heads in silent approval.

Free Wheelin’ is out on March 25th through Small Stone Records. Pre-orders are available here and here. For more on La Chinga, including tour dates, head over here.

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