Legend of The Seagullmen Is The Band You Didn’t Know You Needed In Your Life And Legend of the Seagullmen Is The Album You Didn’t Know You Needed To Own in 2018

Legend of The Segullmen is awesome. That’s it. That’s my whole review. Never mind the fact that the band is made up of an acclaimed director, a legendary drummer, a genre-defying guitarist and other rawk luminaries…this band just owns.

But I digress.

Prepare for the best album you didn’t even know you’d love produced by the most unlikeliest of allies who forge a path along the hard rawking seas beginning with a raucous declaration of intent in the form of  “We are the Seagullmen”. Amidst whale song even! And with that statement, Legend of the Seagullmen quickly dispel any notion that they are a novelty act.

“Shipswreck” is a modern sea shanty and also one of the tightest hard rawk anthems of the 21st Century propelled by Chris DiGiovanni’s ethereal synths with Brent Hinds’ unstoppable riffs and David Dreyer’s unearthly gruff, yet haunting, vocal delivery adding a subtle intensity. Listening to this unit, you forget who makes up its ranks then a song like “Curse of the Red Tide” hits and you’re all “Oh shit! Brent Hinds!” or “That’s TOTALLY Danny Carey playing!” after this intense symphonic opening that culminates with Carey and Hinds just thriving off each other musically and thus creating an immense wall of sound.

“The Orca” is like the greatest fisherman chronicles chapter Primus hasn’t written yet while “Rise of the Giant” fully realizes the power of the Seagullmen as Dreyer adapts an almost Tom Waits-like delivery at times and the full power of Jimmy Hayward’s guitars and Pete Griffin’s bass is heard.

Concluding with “Ballad of the Deep Sea Diver” which is like a hymnal from the, ahem, deep (Like, straight from the Marianas Trench kinda deep), The Seagullmen go out in style with a beyond epic symphony straight out of Master and Commander but not before rawkin’ HARD. A LOT.

Legend of The Seagullmen is out through Dine Alone Records on February 9th. Yours can be procured NOW by clicking here or here. Oh, you like physical copies? Well, they’ve got those too! Click here for stuff you can actually hold in your hands.

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