Life Of Agony Find A Perfect Balance Between The New And The Old On A Place Where There’s No More Pain

Hands down the best Life Of Agony record from start to finish since their iconic debut, A Place Where There’s No More Pain is the definitive 21st Century LOA album.

The raw fury of River Runs Red has been replaced with a honed intensity that permeates throughout LOA’s latest. Whether it’s the blistering “Meet My Maker” or the somber tones of the piano-laden “Little Spots Of You”, LOA deliver an album that is more than worth the twelve year gap since Broken Valley.

“Right This Wrong” and “Dead Speak Kindly” show off Alice In Chains-style harmonies while the hard rockin’ title track delivers a massive anthemic chorus over chugging riffage. “Dead Speak Kindly” in particular (along with “A New Low”) veers off into a dynamic new realm, maybe inspired by drummer Sal Abruscato’s doom outfit, A Pale Horse Named Death?

“World Gone Mad” is heavy and grooving and an instant crowd pleaser for those seeking an excuse to bang their head and get into the pit. “Bag Of Bones” and “Walking Catastrophe” are both LOA sonic juggernauts, the latter featuring those signature Mina Caputo smooth vocal lines serving as a stark contrast from the heaviness Joey Z’s guitar and Abruscato’s pummeling lay down together.

Then the penultimate track  “Song For The Abused” comes in and is classic Life Of Agony through and through (Pun intended) beginning with a driven Alan Robert bass line coupled with Caputo’s voice before exploding into a flurry of guitars, drum bashes, and a sweeping chorus.

A Place Where There’s No More Pain drops on April 28th through Napalm Records. Pre-orders are up here and here for your perusal. And be sure to head here to see where you can catch them on tour.

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