LIYA Urges You To Listen To The Sickest Darkwave Of The New Year With Latest EP

It’s truly a wonderful thing when a promo comes across the digital desk and far exceeds expectations based on comparisons within the press release. In the case of LIYA, the singer/songwriter from Tel-Aviv blows away The Birthday Party and (Gasp!) Depeche Mode references on her latest EP Listen.

“Holding On” is a blissful blast of Electro excellence and immediately sets the tone of what’s to come on the rest of Listen. “No Meaning”, at times, is reminiscent of Stabbing Westward’s underrated Darkest Days (“How Could I Hold On” especially comes to mind) while “Always About You” is  slow, pulsating bursts of synthetic awesomesauce accenting LIYA’s brilliant vocal range. Then the title track closes out the EP in an airy fashion before it becomes a bangin’, beats-heavy club anthem.

Listen is out now through Blind Mice Productions and it is something you should do immediately upon finishing this review! Actually, let us help you with that by giving you a link like this one here to easily click on so you can grab your own copy. For even more on LIYA, head on over here.

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