LizZard just might be the best band you’re not listening to in 2014


If you’re checking out LiZzard solely on the strength of “The Roots Within” (Which I did) then you’re in for a treat. On their latest, Majestic, LizZard tap into the best aspects of Tool, Chevelle (a la Wonder What’s Next), and combine it with elements of grunge to create a sound that’s a little bit familiar but still a whole lotta new.

From the onset of opener “Vigilent”, this French trio offers something fresh. It’s in the riffs, it’s in the melodies, and it’s definitely in the impassioned vocals that Mathieu Ricou lays down (Semi-frequent contributor Bostonregina aka Mrs. Jesse likened some of his performances to both Eddie Vedder and Brandon Boyd at times). “Aion” just takes their sound to another level adding prog elements and focusing on a hypnotic riff by Ricou.

Further in, “Bound” churns and chugs along nicely propelled by Katy Elwell’s percussive beats and William Knox’s Justin Chancellor-esque bass lines while first single “The Roots Within (Majestic)” sounds just as perfect here as it does on its own.

It’s the quieter moments, however, that really drive the point home of how great LizZard truly is. Whether it’s Elwell’s restrained pummeling which borders on the sublime during “Reminder” or Ricou’s subdued vocals on “Circles”, there’s something magical that happens when the volume is set below “11” which shows a depth music fans can really appreciate.

Majestic is out now. You can get yours here or here but we highly suggest you look into the equally “majestic” Out Of Reach also which was released in 2012 and produced by RNRF favorite Rhys Fulber.


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