Lizzard unleash “The Roots Within”, preview upcoming full-length Majestic


Cool name with an even cooler sound, France’s Lizzard deliver tenfold on “The Roots Within” off their upcoming full-length entitled Majestic. With a super dense sound that begins like Opiate/Undertow-era Tool but soon transforms into an epic Alice In Chains-style croon fest thanks to vocalist Mathieu Ricou, Lizzard is a band that’s destined to rise above the dregs.

Add this primal scream that Ricou belts out around the 4-minute mark and Lizzard prove they are truly a band that’s unpredictable and worth paying attention to as Katy Elwell pounds on the drums and William Knox lays down the bass to complete this heavy trinity.

Majestic is out on October 17th.  Season Of Mist has your pre-orders here.

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