Lo-Pan Kick Off 2017 With New EP In Tensions


Ending 2016 with some great new music for 2017 is an awesome thing. Even better when those 2017 jams come from Lo-Pan in the form of new EP In Tensions. You read that right, the Ohio sludge rawk titans are kicking off your new year with some new music that will undoubtedly set the bar for every subsequent heavy music release in 2017.

Bluesier and even more pummeling, In Tensions delivers the goods in a small 5-track package. From the familiar riffage in songs like “Go West” and “Sink Or Swim” to the fuzzed out “Long Live The King” or the soulful, vocal-driven sounds of “Alexis”, In Tensions will absolutely leave fans thoroughly satisfied and equally gagging for the next Lo-Pan full-length.

Then there’s the epic “Pathfinder” which rears its beautiful little head at the conclusion of In Tensions. Did I say little? I meant grandiose because at almost six and a half minutes, “Pathfinder” is anything but little. And yeah, Lo-Pan still do “epic” even in the context of an EP.

In Tensions is out on January 13th through Aqualamb Records. Pre-order yours in a variety of formats right here. And if new Lo-Pan music wasn’t incentive enough, certain packages include a 100 page booklet featuring tour diaries with lyrics and artwork by Chris Smith of Grey Aria Design. Get on it!

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