Low Flying Hawks Create A Delightful Rumble Within Desert Rawk Meets Doom EP, Anxious Ghosts

Trevor Dunn and Dale Crover are two names that, if you follow avant-garde, indie, or underground types of music, should be familiar to you already. Separately they’ve provided the building blocks for a lot of those aforementioned genres through their work with Nirvana, Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, and Melvins (in which the two managed to intersect) to name a few. Together they are the rhythm section of Low Flying Hawks who inadvertently continue that forward trend to push the boundaries of desert rawk and psychedelia alongside multi-instrumentalists and songwriters AAL and EHA once again.

With Anxious Ghosts, Low Flying Hawks sound so far beyond the artists that recorded Genkaku (Check out what we thought about their last one by clicking here) that it’s almost like listening to a completely new band. From the subtlety of “Night Flight”, which shimmers with a smooth bass and delicate pluckings accompanied by a spacey acoustic guitar with a serene serenade, through to the sonic barrage of heavenly reverberations that’ll rattle you to your bones during closer “Doors To Nowhere” Low Flying Hawks provide an unexpected slab of underground awesome that you didn’t know you needed in your earholes this summer.

In between those two, listeners get “Somewhere Part 1” which rumbles on in the astral realm for five minutes before “Somewhere Part 2” brings the DOOM and this wall of riffage that permeates throughout the entire track before “Hollow Grasp” seeks to tear that wall down with its’ own slab of Sludge-y Baroness meets Worshipper rawk.

Anxious Ghosts is out through Magnetic Eye Records on June 28th. You should buy it. Like now. And, like, here. Or, like, here. For more on Low Flying Hawks, head here. And for more on Magnetic Eye Records, who just might be attempting 52 releases in 52 weeks in 2020, check in here and here.

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