Lowcaster, Your New Favorite Riff Rockers, Unleash The Vapor Sea


Lowcaster, without a doubt, is a band that heavy music lovers will be talking about for a long time to come. Mystical, melodic, and undeniably metal…Lowcaster has crafted a sound that is similarly familiar yet wholly original on debut album, The Vapor Sea, with dual vocalists, dual guitar riffing, and a killer rhythm section making the “Lowcaster sound” truly indescribable at times.

From the rumbling onset of “Bloodmoon” straight through to the closing pangs of balls out rocker “Pocket Bible”, The Vapor Sea houses an impressive collection of new sludge rock classics that’ll have fans banging their heads just as much as banging their booty thanks to the underlying groove throughout.

In between that sandwich of awesome are musical gems that mix metal, desert rawk, and doom together effortlessly. “Ghostlights”, led by co-vocalist/guitarist Marc Brandi, is a prime example of musical worlds colliding to perfect results with Jason Bridges adding some shredding, Dean Lavoie laying down a solid foundation, and Blaine Tabor bringing the grooves.

“Shadowfang” hits next and is a little reminiscent of a certain desert rock outfit that used to hold legendary generator parties out west as Bridges’ soulful delivery proves to be a nice dichotomy to Brandi’s gruff vocal attacks. That vocal contrast lays the groundwork for some great harmonies during the Crowbar meets Kyuss (Ahem, “a certain desert rock outfit…”) slow burn of “Land Gives Way” until the riff gods impart unto us a thunderous mountain of noise on “Dirty War”.

Look for The Vapor Sea late in 2016 or in early 2017. For more on Lowcaster, including show dates and release information, head on over here.

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