Magnetic Eye Records Presents New And Old Favorites Covering Pink Floyd On The Wall [Redux]

I’ve gotta be honest, okay? I’m not a big Pink Floyd fan. Like, at all. I remember having a few of their albums and seeking out the live Is There Anybody Out There? record back in 2000 because I had a gift certificate to some music store that was burning a hole in my pocket but beyond that? They do nothing for me. Sorry?

That said, I respect their impact to modern heavy prog and beyond and all that they’ve accomplished and the legacy that still resides and lives on in artists of today.

But I digress.

Regardless of how you feel about Pink Floyd, there’s no denying that the talent assembled by Magnetic Eye Records latest “[Redux]” album (Their fourth so far with a new Alice In Chains-inspired volume coming in April of 2020) is pretty frelling stellar. From a local dude/dudette standpoint there’s Worshipper doing “One of My Turns” and Summoner absolutely OWNING “Hey You” (Our love for Summoner knows no bounds and the fact that they keep surprising us with their sonic prowess is a testament to their staying power) while elsewhere, legends like The Melvins take on “In The Flesh?” and Mark FUCKING Lanegan solemnly delivers “Nobody Home” with a rendition that’d make Roger Waters jealous!

Then there’s new favorites like Ghastly Sound doing “Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 1” some justice while other new faves (For us, not a new band by any means) like ASG do a sonic 180 with the acoustic “Mother” as Jason Shi’s voice comforts and is all around perfect for this rendition. Then there’s MORE new favorites like Domkraft (We just reviewed them here) on “Empty Spaces”.

And still more!

Pallbearer devouring “Run Like Hell” and regurgitating this Sabbathian behemoth in the wake of the original (It’s like “Paranoid” meets “Barracuda”)! Sasquatch taking on “AnotherBrick in The Wall Pt. 2” (And if you’re curious, Greenleaf takes on “Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 3 / Goodbye Cruel World”)! Spaceslug! Ruby the Hatchet! Solace! More Pink Floyd goodness! Seriously, the amount of PF and new blood awesome on here is mind blowing so if you’re a fan of the original album or band, any of the bands on here, covers records in general, or just well laid out pieces of music then you need to own this.

The Wall [Redux] is out through MER on November 9th. Pre-orders are up in a variety of formats by clicking here. You know what to do next! And for the latest on Magnetic Eye Records, follow them on the socials here, here, and here. Or even better, buy more music from them here.

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