Mangoo Cover Eddie Murphy, Deliver Psychedelic Hard Rawk Euphoria On The Heat

Firstly, they’re pronounced “Man Go”, okay? Now that that’s outta the way we can commence talk about the rawk. And what rawk there is to talk about! On The Heat, Mangoo’s third magnum opus, these Finnish rawkers have captured some kind of awesome that rawks, trips, and rolls like no other.

Opener “Relief” is just important. There’s really no other way to describe it. It’s immediate and like a sonic battering ram as Teemu relentlessly bashes on the skins and Pickles enters with this soulful croon that instantly stands out from other vocalists today.

“Get Away” is a proper anthem and just as urgent, crying “We’re so fucking good! Listen to us!” as this  guitar solo that’d stand out on a Kyuss release screams to the heavens. “Beyond The Sky” is beyond epic with this almost Sabbath-ian quality to it or more likely sounding like Zakk Wylde’s Zakk Sabbath if they actually put out a proper album instead of sticking to the covers.

“Monolith” is Southern-Fried if the Black Crowes experimented with desert rawk but then rawks like its’ namesake when it gets going. “One Day” begins with Pickles declaring “Time waits for no one” and becomes kinda transcendent as he screeches his head and heart off as Mattarn wails on the guitar. It’s all around beautiful. Then “Deification” rolls in as Pickles and Mattarn bring the lightning with their electric fretwork and Teemu brings the thunder with his incredible drum pummeling.

The title track bristles with fuzzy excitement and otherwordly synths (Courtesy of Nicke) like a lost classic from Dopes To Infinity rolling on for seven-plus minutes of epic psych-rawk until “Grey Belly” brings the groove with Igor leading the way on his bass and Nicke creating even more amazing programmed atmosphere building into an epic jam-fueled breakdown.

And then they end with a hard rawkin’ cover of “Party All The Time”. Yes, that “Party All The Time”. And it’s fuckin’ good as it saunters in all smooth like you know what you’re expecting then hits you over the head with riff after riff and Pickles’ suave delivery. And then it’s over. You’ll be confused by what you just heard. You’ll also be astounded! But ultimately, you’ll be thoroughly satisfied.

The Heat is out on December 8th through Small Stone. Pre-order your own copy by clicking here then head on over here to find out more on Mangoo.

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