Matchstickmen STAND UP To Bullying On New Single “For No Reason”


This Friday, February 27th, is International STAND UP to Bullying Day and Liverpool’s Matchstickmen have decided to bring attention to a very serious matter with their newest song, the very personal “For No Reason”. Singer/songwriter Lewis Wright expanded on the track: “The subject matter of ‘For No Reason’ is about someone close to me being bullied and not being able to escape it because of the rise of social media and cyber-bullying. We wanted to bring the issue to people’s attention because it seems so much harder for kids now to when we were growing up.”

The song itself is a heaping slab of rawk that’s sure to hook new fans and, more importantly, bring awareness to a great cause. It’s equal parts Badmotorfinger-era Soundgarden (Especially Iain Forsyth’s low end breakdown) and later Screaming Trees and is a great introduction if you’re not keen on Matchstickmen yet.

“For No Reason” will be released on February 27th through MainLine Records/Code 7 Distribution and is also the first single from Matchstickmen’s forthcoming sophomore album, From Our Own Ashes. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the single will go to The Cybersmile Foundation so do your part and grab a copy here. For more on Matchstickmen, head here.

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