Mike Vitali Has Started A Patreon (And Why You Should Care)!

Personally, I’ve subscribed to a few Patreon accounts and they can be a mixed bag. One I subscribe to gives the goods very frequently with informative updates, fun observations, etc. while another one I recently unsubscribed from couldn’t even provide the tee shirt promised with the tier I subscribed to let alone regular content.

But I digress.

And frankly, that’s neither here nor there because Mike Vitali has started a Patreon and that’s something rawk fans should be excited for. Through his label, Magnetic Eye Records, he’s bringing us local peeps new bangers from Leather Lung and Ghastly Sound (And we’ve heard both and can confirm that, yes, they are indeed “bangers”). They’ve released albums from I Am Become Death and Summoner previously and on a national level they’ve dropped killer records from These Beasts, Lowflyinghawks, and High Priest recently. And that’s not even mentioning more on the horizon from Caustic Casanova and Zakk sabbath OR the killer tributes to Alice In Chains and AC/DC which are also on the way.

Through @CatsonAmps over on Instagram (See it here), he’s bringing us pure visual joy and a great annual calendars and through his own music he’s brought us Ironweed, Greatdayforup, Ajna Chakra and lately, as Black Electric, the kind of music that, if you’re familiar with MER already, rawks your head while comforting your soul.

Now he’s hooked up with Patreon for a monthly subscription service where patrons can get everything from a basic $5 package which will get them a free new album monthly to a $10 tier which also gets them inside access to Black Electric happenings in addition to the free album to a $33 tier which gets both perks from the previous two tiers as well as a quarterly vinyl junkie subscription box.

Will it work? Who knows but Gods bless him for even attempting this. Plus! MER has some pretty big plans for 2020 so if you love the types of records they put out (Read: kick ass music) then you’d really be helping yourself, right?

For the Patreon, head here. For Magnetic Eye Records and affiliated artists, head here and here. And for some sick @CatsonAmps and MER tees, go here.

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