Modern Mimes Preview Next Full-Length With New Single “Stare”

I became aware of Fort Lauderdale’s Modern Mimes after their cover of Type O Negative’s “I Don’t Wanna Be Me” was released and, quite frankly, was pretty blown away. As a tattoo-emblazoned, TON-loving uber fan (As in, bought the Playgirl and had it signed…or bought tickets at a far away outdoor amphitheater to see them despite the set being just an opening slot for Queensryche) I was impressed not only because it takes some chutzpah to cover Type O in the first place but then to take on one of the “modern” tracks to boot? Get outta here! But they did it justice and managed to elevate it beyond the original. 

But enough about that other song! Today, we’re examining “Stare” and at first listen its’ mix of trip-hop and film score (Think kidneythieves meets Eric Serra’s score for The Fifth Element especially with that piano line that permeates throughout) certainly brings Modern Mimes’ own coined term of “Future Goth” to mind. Adi Elcida Hernandez’s vocals absolutely glisten with a subtle pulsating electro and Ernesto Paez’s double neck guitar bass accenting the beats exquisitely building to an Industrial-sized chorus that’ll stick with listeners long after the tune fades away.

“Stare” is out now and can be streamed by clicking here and purchased by clicking here. Modern Mimes is readying a new full-length for release this fall which you can find out about by clicking here for the most up-to-date info on the duo.

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