Monster Magnet Re-Issue Two Classics For The First Time On Vinyl

Man, reviewing reissues is tough because you know these things have already been reviewed before. Do you talk about the technical specs, the new sound quality, any bonus tracks? Or do you just cut the BS and talk about the music?

In this case we’re talking about Monster Magnet who preview an upcoming new full-length by reissuing two classics. Well, not really. It’s just a happy coincidence that fans are getting a plethora of Monster Magnet before 2017 is done with us..

Before “Space God” and “Negasonic Teenage Warhead” put MM on the map, the band were honing their sound and releasing a kickass second EP and their first full-length in the year of our lord, 1991.

Tab and Spine Of God. Two essential albums, one essential band. Two essential re-issues out on vinyl for the first time through Napalm Records.

“Pill Shovel” kicks off Spine Of God, “Ozium” ends it. In between is some masterfully crafted and calculated psychedelic insanity. There’s “Black Mastermind” which just jams ON for almost eight and a half minutes and tracks like “Medicine” and “Nod Scene” that sound like they were produced by wizened old rawk veterans, not put out by a group barely two years old.

And Tab which preceded Spine… (But was actually released after it) starts with a THIRTY TWO MINUTE track. Starts. With. “25/Longhair” follows and is twelve and a half minutes of raw, unrestrained Monster Magnet. Think about this, people! Forty-five minutes of MM and you’re only TWO TRACKS into the EP. Surely what follows must be a let down? Surely! Nope because “Lord 13” preludes all the mystical psych-rawk to come on later albums.

Tab and Spine of God will be re-unleashed on September 1st via Napalm Records on pretty vinyl (And on CD if you’re into that sort of stuff). Buy Tab here and Spine Of God here.

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